Supported power meters for CAPD

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products:

  • CoolMaster * 
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet
  • CloudBox


Measuring power consumption analytics requires a power meter connection to our Professional app with a corresponding licensing package.

CoolAutomation's Professional App officially supports the power meters listed in this article.




List of supported power meters:

Brand Supported models/series
Satec EM13x series
Veris Industries e50h2/c2/b1a
Honeywell E-Mon D-Mon Multi-Mon
Entes Power Factor Controller RG3-15C/CS/CL/CLS
Wiren Board WB-MAP3E/H 
ABB B23/B24 
Kron Medidores iKron  
Senva EM-RS485 /EMX /DTS-SMX
Schneider Electric iEM3150/155/250/255/350/355



  • The Coolautomation device supports up to 64 Modbus devices. Most power meter manufacturers allow connection of up to 32 power meters.
  • Make sure that the power meter has a Modbus interface and local display. When more than one power meter is connected, make sure that every unit has its own unique Modbus address.
  • Modbus RTU-based power meters - connect power meter(s) to L3 of the Coolautomation device ( as per the diagram below) and contact Coolautomation support for additional settingsConnected power meter diagram (002).png
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