What are the firewall requirements (internet, ports) to enable proper connection of the device to our cloud services?

The IP addresses used by our Cloud-hosted Apps can change without any notice, as it’s an automatic service based on device geo-location, load balance and other parameters, we strongly suggest not to lock-in the current CoolRemote Cloud IP in the firewall.


What we do suggest is the following:


  • Lock the Cool EdgeDevice [CoolMaster/CloudBox/CooLinkHub/CooLinkBridge] IP by MAC address in the Firewall/Router (also called DHCP Reservation, or Network Object).
  • Create Firewall Rules, via Ports only, and lock it to the Cool EdgeDevice network object.
  • Enable the following Source/Destination Ports for any Cool EdgeDevice:
    • 10101 TCP/UDP
    • 443 TCP/UDP
    • 10101 TCP - outbound.
    • 10101 UDP - if your equipment is configured for pinholing then just outgoing otherwise both inbound and outbound.


If the Firewall in your building allows rule creation by FQDN host [DNS (port 53)] it can also be done. However, due to DNS propagation, delays in connectivity may occur.


The DNS to be set is app.coolremote.net



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