CoolMaster HVAC Daikin Non-VRV installation guide

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products

  • CoolMaster
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet
  • CloudBox


  • Changing the dip switches, "S", while DC voltage is present on L1, may damage the CoolMaster 
  • For Daikin non-VRV equipment, DC voltage supply by CoolMaster might be required for proper operation.
  • make sure CoolMaster is disconnected from the power and HVAC line
  1. HVAC Communication Terminals
    HVAC Indoor connection
    * Polarity is not required on the HVAC communication line.
    ** Centralized (group) address required.
  2. Measure DC voltage on HVAC comm. Line 1

  3. If no 14-16V DC voltage, change the dip switches as shown below:mceclip4.png
  4. Turn ON the power for CoolMaster and connect it to HVAC line.

  5. Connect to the communication terminals on the HVAC equipment and secure the cables in L1 line plug.

  6. Insert the plug into CoolMaster L1 socket






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