Assigning VRF brand to a CoolMaster line

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products

  • CoolMaster
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet
  • CloudBox

Assigning a VRF brand to a specific line on your Cool MasterNet is easy to do. 

The steps below will guide you through the process


  1. Select "All Units" to get to the Settings on your CMNET device

  2. Select "HVAC Line"

  3. Select the HVAC line you would like to be assigned with the new HVAC brand

  4. Select the correct HVAC brand to your requirements

  5. Verify that the Dip switches are set properly for the brand. If the Dip switches are misconfigured, a red warning message will be shown.

  6. For the changes to take place, you will need to reset your CMNET.

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