CoolMasterNet - HVAC Mitsubishi Electric VRF installation guide

  1. HVAC Communication Terminals
    HVAC outdoor connection


    * For Heat Recovery systems the connection is at outdoor units only.

    * Polarity is not required on the HVAC communication line.

  2. Connecting to the line plug

    Secure the cables in the L1 line plug.

  3. Plugging to the CoolMasterNet

    Insert the plug in to the CoolMasterNet L1 socket.

  4. Check DIP Switches are set correctly

    Dip switches setup for VRF HVAC system on L1.






The wire to connect the CoolMasterNet to the M1-M2 (also known as the M-NET Interface) is 18AWG, twisted pair, shielded and stranded. 

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