Google Home - How to connect (CoolRemote - Legacy)

The integration of CoolRemote with Google assistant, allows you to use voice commands to control your HVAC system, connected though CoolAutomation devices.

Voice commands can be activated through one of the Google assistant compatible devices (e.g Google home, Google Home mini, smartphone with Google assistant app).

To start the process of connecting your CoolRemote with Google Assistant, you will need the following:

  • CoolRemote account connected to at least one CoolAutomation device
  • Google account
  • Google Home application installed on your mobile phone (download from the Google Play or apple store)


List of commands

Example for toggle

  • Hey Google, turn office AC on
  • Hey Google, Turn office AC off

Example for temperature control

  • Hey Google, Set office to 21 degrees
  • Hey Google, Decrease the bedroom's temperature by 3 degrees
  • Hey Google, increase the bedroom's temperature by 3 degrees
  • Hey Google, increase the bedroom's temperature
  • Hey Google, decrease the bedroom's temperature
  • Hey Google, Make bedroom warmer
  • Hey Google, Make bedroom cooler



Step1: Log into your Google Home application with your Google Account.

Step2: In the Google Home application, tap "Add"


Step3: Select "Set Up Device


Step 4: Under Works With Google, select "Have something already set up"


Step 5: Use the search box at the top of your app to find CoolRemote and select it.

Log into your CoolRemote Account using your CoolRemote account credentials.


Step 6: Tap the "Allow" button to give Google permissions to access your CoolRemote account

Step 7: You will now see all units that are linked to your CoolRemote user account.

Select a specific unit (or multiple units) and press Next to connect them with your home and rooms



Step 8: Select the specific Google Home, and press "Next". Then select the relevant room it is connected to and press "Next"


Step 9: Repeat steps 7-8 to link additional units with more hones/rooms

Step 10: Once finished, close the units screen by clicking on the "X" at the top left corner


Step 11: Congratulations!!!, you can now control your home HVAC units using  voice commands.

You can add and change it through the Google home App



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