CoolMasterNet - Configuration settings

To change the CoolMasterNet settings, tap the Gear icon on the upper left-hand side of the Main screen. The screen on the right is displayed.

Select Configuration by tapping the > button.


The following screen is displayed


In this screen you can:

  • Select the desired Temperature scale (°C/°F). This applies only to the way the temperature is displayed on the screen. It does not affect the temperature scale on the HVAC system.
  • Enable the Virtual Com port to allow connection via mini-USB terminal. Required for local configuration with terminal software tools. Used mainly for support.
  • Permit Remote Access (enabled by default). Used when the CoolMasterNet owner wants remote support.
  • Select About Device by tapping the > button. The following screen is displayed. The screen shows if BACnet IP and ModBus IP are enabled/disabled.



To enable BACnet IP please contact CoolAutomation support

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