CloudBox - Gree GMV5, GMV6 VRF

  1. HVAC Communication Terminals
    HVAC outdoor connection

  2. Connecting to the line plug

    CoolAutomation USB Network Interface (CMNET-GR-GMV5/6) adapter is required for connecting up to two Gree GMV5/6 VRF lines. (Supplied by CoolAutomation)

    This adapter includes a CAN bus 120 Ω resistor.


  3. Plugging to the CloudBox

    Insert the plug in to the CloudBox L8 (USB).


  4. Check DIP Switches are set correctly

    Dip switches setup for GMV5/6 VRF HVAC system on L8.


    [1] Not in use
    [2] ON - 120 Ohm termination resistor G1-G2 L2
    [3] ON - 120 Ohm termination resistor G1-G2 L1
    [4],[5] ON - Connect L1 L2
    [6] ON - Forced Boot Mode


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