Setting up an Auto Changeover rule


This guide will explain how to set up the auto changeover feature in CoolAutomation's professional app.

1. Auto Changeover

Auto Changeover is used on units to automatically change operation modes when meeting specific room temp conditions.

Auto Changeover

2. Automation

To create an Auto Changeover rule, click on the Automation option from the left menu pane


3. Auto Changeover

Then click on the auto changeover option from the Automation sub menu.

Auto Changeover

4. New Rule

Create a new rule by clicking on the Add New Rule button.

New Rule

5. Specifying Reference option

Select a specific reference option for the rule. This will serve as a temperature reference for triggering the changeover rule.

Specifying Reference option

6. Threshold settings

Set the threshold for triggering the changeover rule for cooling and heating

Threshold settings

7. External temperature reference

check the External Site Temperature Considerations checkbox for referencing the temperature to the external temperature and not the room temperature.

External temperature reference

8. Trigger temperature

Set the cooling and heating temperature for triggering the changeover rule. This temperature along with the set threshold, will be used as the trigger for the rule

Trigger temperature

9. Units rule assignment

Select the sites and, or specific units to apply the rule to

Units rule assignment

10. Rule activation

Activate the rule by shifting the toggle to the right side

Rule activation

11. Applying the rule

Click on the Apply button to activate the rule.

Applying the rule

This guide covered how to create a rule to apply the auto changeover feature in CoolAutomation.

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