Professional App - Notification settings


Learn how to configure and customize the Notification Settings in CoolAutomation's Professional App.

Go to

1. Automation menu

To manage the notifications in the Professional App, click on the Automation option from the left menu pane

Automation menu

2. Notification Settings menu

Then click on Notification Settings from the left pane menu

Notification Settings menu

3. Global alert priorities setup

Set the alerted events priority level by clicking on the Global Alert Priorities button.. This step is required only once if you wish to set the alerted events priority differently than the default setup.

Global alert priorities setup

4. Global Alert Priorities configuration.

Select the desired priority level for each of the event types

Global Alert Priorities configuration.

5. Save changes to the priorities configuration

Save the changes once you have completed setting up the event prorities.

Save changes to the priorities configuration

6. New notification Group

To create a new notification group, click on the Add Group button.

New notification Group

7. Notification Group Naming

Give a meaningful name to the notification group

Notification Group Naming

8. Notification Trigger by Priority

Notifications can be triggered either by the event priority or by a specific event. To trigger a notification by priority, Check the Alert Priority radio button and select a priority level from the dropdown menu. Notifications will be triggered for any event with the priority set in the dropdown menu and above.

Notification Trigger by Priority

9. Notification Trigger by Event

To trigger notifications by specific events, Check the Specific Event radio button and select the desired event.

Notification Trigger by Event

10. Alerted Event Types

Select an event type from the left

Alerted Event Types

11. Searching for Alerted events

click on the Click to add Automation Logic URL to select the alerted event from a list. Alternatively, search for a specific event using the search box.

Searching for Alerted events

12. Selecting Events For Notification

Select the desired events to be notified of and click "Add". Repeat the same steps for every event type you desire to get a notification for.

Selecting Events For Notification

13. Access Recipient Configuration

To add recipients to the notification group, Click on the user avatar.

Access Recipient Configuration

14. Searching For Recipients

Search for a recipient or click on the Add Recipients URL to select the recipients from a list.

Searching For Recipients

15. Recipients Selection And Configuration

Select the recipients and the method of the notification delivery

Recipients Selection And Configuration

16. Adding Recipients

Click on the Add button when you have completed the recipients selection

Adding Recipients

17. Saving The Recipients configuration

If you are satisfied with the settings, click Save to apply the changes to the Notification Settings.

Saving The Recipients configuration

18. Saving The Notification Group

Click on "Save" to save the notification Group

Saving The Notification Group

19. Notification Group Management Dashboard

From the notification management dashboard, you can enable or disable the notification group, and edit or delete it.

Notification Group Management Dashboard

This guide covered the steps to configure and customize the Notification Settings in CoolAutomation's Professional App, including creating a new group, adding alerts, and setting up recipients.

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