How to pair a wireless CoolPlug to a CooLinkHub

00:07: This is a quick and easy tutorial for how to pair cool. 00:10: Automations cool. Plug Wireless to cool link Hub. 00:14: Now, the first thing we're going to need to do is power on the cool plug wireless 00:18: device by connecting it to the cooling hub, using 00:22: the USB cable provided. 00:25: The device is going to have a couple of seconds to boot up 00:29: and it'll play a little bit of a song. You'll know it's working. 00:36: And after that, you're going to see this red light up here and it'll blink 00:40: once every three or so seconds. 00:42: And that is how you know that you're ready to proceed. 00:46: Now, we're going to get the cooling Hub ready to pair by bringing 00:50: up the menu by clicking the o.k. button now, it's going to bring up 00:54: the setup menu. You can use the arrows to scroll down to 00:58: the wireless option and press. Ok, now you go down 01:03: again. Using these buttons to get two pair We're going to stop before we hit pair. 01:07: We're going to go back to the cool plug, wireless device, and we're going to 01:11: get it to start pairing. 01:13: We do that by pressing the button 5 times, 1 2 01:18: 3 4 5 and you know it'll start pairing because 01:22: you'll see the red light start to Blink quickly. 01:25: Now we go to the cooling cub and we set it to pair as well by clicking, OK 01:29: twice. And now the two devices will start to pair 01:33: with one another. This process can take up to a minute. 01:37: So we just have to be a little bit patient to make sure 01:41: that we're not disconnecting or moving any of the devices 01:46: while the two are working. And 01:53: now you'll see the red light has gone away, completely. 01:56: And we know that we have successfully paired. 01:58: The cool plug Wireless to the cooling cup.

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