Conventional HVAC units with CoolAutomation


CoolAutomation sells a number of controllers for control and integration of conventional HVAC units within the CoolAutomation platform. These controllers are plug & play with the CoolMaster Product Line, CloudBox and CooLinkBridge devices.

CoolAutomation also works with a number of 3rd Party conventional controllers available in the market - and not sold by CoolAutomation directly. 


Conventional HVAC Controllers

Products Supplied by CoolAutomation

Single Stage 24V Thermostat - SMT-131:

Heat Pump Controller - GS-539-HP:

Fan Coil Controller - GS-539-FC:


Compatible 3rd Party Products

Multi-stage 3H/2C 24V Thermostat, T-32-P:

High-end Residential Controller - Tyba Turn 2:

Hospitality: Lutron Palladiom Guest Room Thermostat:

Hospitality: Inncom E7 Guest Room Thermostat:




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