Unable to connect the device. “Device is not connected” error

A device failed to be added to the CoolAutomation Could apps.

When he tries to add the device, The following error is presented“Device is not connected. It must be connected to perform this action.” 


There are a few reasons why this might happen.

  1. Communication issues - The correct firewall configuration needs to be set (TCP & UDP 10101 & 443)
  2. Compatibility issue:
    1. The wrong commercial package is configured, In this case, you should either turn to CoolAutomation's support to upgrade your device package or use the device with the correct solution to support the configured package
    2. The device is configured to access CoolRemote cloud and needs to be updated with the option to grant access also to CoolAutomation's new environments ioControl & the professional environments. This is done with no additional cost and you should turn to CoolAutomation's support to assist you with that. 
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