CoolMaster - ModBus Virtual addresses configuration

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products:

  • CoolMaster
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet

VA's are used in CoolMaster and CooLinkHub devices. For CooLinkNet device this chapter is not applicable.

VA's -Virtual Addresses are used in order to simplify translation of the Indoor Unit identifier/number - UID into addresses of related Modbus objects: holding registers, input registers, coils and discrete inputs.


UID is a string in format Ln.XYY.

For Example:

L1.102 - Indoor Unit 102 on line L1

L2.003 - Indoor Unit 003 on line L2

List of UID's detected (visible) by CoolAutomation device can be retrieved with ls command.

L1.100 ON 19C 30C High Fan OK # 0
L1.101 OFF 28C 23C High Cool OK - 0

Each UID can have none, one or a number of associated VA's. VA's are plain numbers starting from 1. Device can automatically allocate and associate VA's with existing (visible by ls command) UID's:

>va auto 

To query allocated VA's use va command without parameters:

L1.100 --> 0001 [Hex: 0x0011 | Dec: 00017]

L1.101 --> 0002 [Hex: 0x0021 | Dec: 00033]

VA reporting string has the following fields:

UID Associated VA Base Address HEX BaseAddress Decimal
L1.100 0001 0x0011 00017


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