CoolMaster - Configuring the device to a new HVAC brand or Line

CoolMaster supports HVAC on multiple lines connections to facilitate the need to have large number of IDU connected to one device or to have multiple HVAC brands connected to one device. If you wish to add an additional HVAC or change the line which the connected HVAC is configured to, follow these steps.



  • Unless asked differently, CoolMaster comes with only one line opened. If you wish to add another HVAC brand to a new line or change the current connected HVAC to a new line, you should first ask CoolAutomation support to make sure you have enough lines opened.

  • CoolMaster can be reconfigured from one brand to another from the HVAC Lines menu and corresponding position of DIP switches, located behind the door on the front, right-hand side of the device. For DIP switch positions, and list of the brands please refer to the Installation section and select the right brand.


  1. Click on the Setting Gear icon
  2. Click on HVAC Lines
  3. Select the row with the currently active line (DK in our example) and tap the "> "button.
  4. On the HVAC Type row, tap the ">" button. A screen is displayed showing all the available HVAC Types (by manufacturer name).
  5. To change HVAC brand, select the desired manufacturer by tapping on the On/Off button. The selected manufacturer becomes the active HVAC Type, and all other brands are automatically turned Off. If you select "Unused", the line will not be serving any HVAC. "Unused", should be selected if you want to move the current HVAC to a new line.
  6. Do steps 3-5, to enable a new line and configure it (In this case, select the required line number to configure).
  7. Make sure the correct DIP Switches are configured based on the required brand DIP Switch configuration
  8. Reset the CMN device (power Off). When the device is turned On, the selected manufacturer is displayed as the active HVAC Line.
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