CoolMaster - Changing unit's MODE setting

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products:

  • CoolMaster
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet

Basic operational controls like Unit On/Off, Set Temperature, Fan speed and Unit mode can be performed from the main screen by selecting an indoor unit.

Select the desired indoor unit by tapping the ">" button to enter the unit and perform other control operations.


On the displayed screen you can change the following settings by tapping on the corresponding setting:

  • FAN SPEED (options: Low, Medium, High, Top, Auto)
  • Temperature Set Point (repeatedly tap the respective arrow to increase or decrease the temperature set point)
  • Room Temperature indication (reported by the VRF system)
  • Unit's mode



Tap the Mode setting to select unit mode (Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto).


  • Mode change can only be done for all connected indoor units. It is not available for each individual indoor unit.
  • Auto and Dry modes are available only in systems that support these modes.


* This sign is displayed only on Master indoor unit, which is responsible for system Cool/Heat transition, available only on Daikin.

To view the Cool/Heat Master screen, tap on the above-referenced sign (*). The screen on the left is displayed.

To enable the Cool/Heat master, tap on screen center. The screen on the right is displayed. The Master feature is only available and required for Daikin only.




  • To change a Master unit, you must first turn Off the currently active Master unit.


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