CoolMaster - Locking unit's adjustment options

This article applies to the following CoolMaster products:

  • CoolMaster
  • CoolMasterPro 
  • CoolMasterNet

Basic operational controls like Unit On/Off, Set Temperature, Fan speed and Unit mode can be performed from the main screen by selecting an indoor unit.

Select the desired indoor unit by tapping the ">" button to enter the unit and perform other control operations.

This functionality allows the facility manager to enable/disable the user’s access to turning the unit On/Off, changing the system mode or changing the system’s temperature setting.


The lock functionality applies on all control interfaces (Wired Remote Control, BMS, Home Automation, Coolautomation Apps suite).


For each of these options the Green display indicates the function is disabled and the Red display indicates the function is enabled.

When tapping on an option, the option toggles between enabled and disabled.

Available lock options:

  • Lock On or Off (Unit On/Off)
  • Lock Mode
  • Lock Setpoint

To activate tap the Lock icon



After clicking on the lock, the following screen will be presented. Tap the options to change their settings. When the icon is green, it means that this option is locked and the user cannot adjust this setting.


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