Wireless connection - PBUS (PlugBus) Topology

WRLS Cool Plugs and WRLS CooLinkHub communicate with each other using CoolAutomation's 2.4 GHz proprietary and secured mesh network.

Each WRLS CooLinkHub creates a network and automatically connects to all paired devices within this network (WRLS CoolPlugs).

The paring of the WRLS CoolPlugs with the specific WRLS CooLinkHub can be factory pre-set (prior to shipment) or configured locally as described here.

Up to 10 CoolPlug devices can be connected to a single CooLinkHub.

The recommended distance between each of the two devices (CoolPlug/ CooLinkHub) is up to 20m (50 ft) line of sight. Please note, that concrete walls, ceilings, and other types of obstacles or noise caused by electro-magnetic fields (generated by power cables or other sources) can significantly impact signal strength and will result in the reduced distance.

The network topology is a mesh-type network, meaning that each device acts as a receiver and a transmitter, and repeats the signal. For planning purposes, make sure you have connectivity between each of the two devices (CoolPlug with its neighbor CoolPlug, or CoolPlug with the CooLinHub).



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