How to connect to CoolPlug DK (Daikin) S21 Old Rev.

DK (Daikin) - When connecting to S21 (Old Rev.)


  1. Connecting the CoolPlug to the Daikin unit
    Connect the S21 cable supplied with the CoolPlug, between the CoolPlug RJ-11 connector and the S21 port on the indoor unit's PCB. Use Daoikin's installation manual for the location if the S21 socket on the Daikin indoor PCB
  2. Connecting the CoolPlug to the CooLinkHub
  3. Optional: For connecting the Daikin wired Remote controller (WRC) in parallel with the CoolPlug, the S21 splitter (4) Is required. This part can be purchased from CoolAutomation.


* Master/Slave configuration will be done by the CoolPlug automatically.

** A different Daikin version might have a smaller 5 pin connector. In that case, use a EKRS 32 adapter


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