CoolPlug Models

CoolPlug models are HVAC manufacturer specific. Each CoolPlug has a small round sticker with letters on its back (DK, DKS, etc.) indicating the HVAC manufacturer that the CoolPlug is compatible with.



CoolPlug Model HVAC Vendor Cable included Terminals/comments
DK Daikin S21, S21 narrow S21,P1 P2
DKS Daikin Siesta Series Siesta S403
SA | TO | PN Sanyo | Toshiba | Panasonic   A B, R1 R2
PN | CAPRA Panasonic | Capra CAPRA CN-CNT
FJ Fujitsu/General FJ003 2 wires, 3 wires
ME Mitsubishi Electric CN105 CN105, 1 2
MH Mitsubishi Heavy   2 wires only
HT Hitachi   VRF only
MD Midea   X Y E / X1 X2
LG LG LG split cable CN-REMO
GR Gree   GMV5 VRF only
GRTS Gree 4 wire x 4 4 wires, 2 wires
SM Samsung   4 wires, 2 wires


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