How to connect DK (Daikin) S403 - KRP980B1

DK (Daikin) - When connecting to S403 using KRP980B1


  1. Connecting CoolPlug to the Daikin unit.
    Connect the S21 cable supplied with the CoolPlug, between the CoolPlug Indoor connector (bottom S21 socket on CoolPlug) and the S21 port on KRP980B1 adapter's PCB. Use Daikin's installation manual to install KRP980B1 adapter into the Daikin indoor unit. Connect the adapter to the S403 socket inside.

  2. Connecting CoolPlug to the CooLinkHub
  3. Optional: To connect the Daikin Wired Remote Controller connect the cable from the controller to CoolPlug WRC (Wired Remote Controller) socket (top S21 socket).


* KRP98081 adapter should be purchased separately from your Daikin rep.

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