How to connect CoolPlug DK (Daikin)

DK (Daikin) - when connecting to P1 P2


  1. Connecting the CoolPlug to the Daikin unit
    Connect the CoolPlug's [P1], [P2] terminals to the [P1], [P2] terminals on the indoor unit. Use the HVAC manufacturer's Installation Manual for instructions on the location of P1 P2 terminals on the Daikin unit.

  2. Connecting the CoolPlug to the CooLinkHub
    • Wireless Mode: Check the devices were paired successfully. See how to pair in the Wireless CooLinkHub & CoolPlug Installation Article
    • Wired Mode: Connect the signal wires of the PBUS cable coming from the [VDC-], [1], and [2] terminals on the CooLinkHub to the corresponding [-], [1], and [2] terminals on the CoolPlug, respectively.

      Please refer to the PBUS connection diagram on Wired connection - PBUS (PlugBus) topology article.
  3. Optional: Connect the Wired Remote Controller (WRC) in parallel with CoolPlug.


* The connection is not popular

** Master/Salve configuration will be done by the CoolPlug automatically

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